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Archival Prints

We use the finest quality papers, stocking Hahnemuhle, Canson and our in-house recommendations.



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Our Gilcée Papers

Our digital fine art collection of papers are archival with a shelf life of 70 years. The broad range of inkjet papers available offer a variety of different applications, quality requirements and artistic styles. We can advise you on papers and show you a selection at the studio. We know what’s best for drawings, oils, acrylics and photography styles.

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Hahnemühle German Etching

This is a firm favourite of our artists. Matt textured paper - good heavy weight and a very tactile feel. Works best for paintings and in particular watercolours and drawings.


Canson Aquarelle Rag 

Quality bright white highly textured paper. ‘Whiter’ than the German etching and works better with artwork containing subtler darker areas. Colours pop and works well on saturated pieces.

photo satin.jpg

Hahnemühle Photo Rag Satin 

This is the perfect paper for vector artwork. Matt smooth paper, 100% cotton, it has the appearance of good cartridge paper but once printed areas have a luster appearance and resemble a silk screen print.

hah photorag.jpg

Hahnemühle Photo Rag

Great all-round versatile paper. Smooth finish and subtle texture. Cotton based and excellent results for all types of artwork and photography.

raw photorag.jpg

Photo Rag Bright White

We have superb results with our in-house paper. 310gsm bright white and wide colour range. Gicle’s are bright and pop with saturation. Ideal for lively paintings drawings and colourful graphics.

raw etching.jpg

Cotton Etching 

Close to German Etching in feel and appearance but with brighter results and stiffer feel. Great for paintings and watercolours.


Fine Art Canvas 

A superior and heavy weight gloss canvas. Very textured and fantastic colour range. Ideal for oil painting reproductions and large abstract vector pieces. Colours are saturated and bright.

photographic 325.jpg

Archive photographic Paper

Beautiful off white matt paper. Creamy white so artwork has lovely deep tone. Ideal for moody and atmospheric photographs.
Highly recommend.


The Printer

Our Epson 9890 Colour Sure prints 44 inches in width, handling A0 giclee and  artwork one metre in width & any length.

The machine's Ultrachrome technology and 11 archival inks guarantee vibrancy for 70 years. 

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Other Services


Need an artwork scanned?

If you have an original artwork that needs to be photographed or scanned, you can make an appointment and bring it along to the studio where we can scan it.


Got an artwork file to upload?

You can upload your files directly to our Dropbox

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