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Welcome to Dallas Prints

Christopher Dallas, Urban art lover and print guru, heads up the Baltic studio bringing expertise and attention-to-detail to every job. He has a friendly approach and wide knowledge of fine art papers.

Turnaround time

Typically allow 3 days for prints & scanning

Giclée Sizes

Artwork scanned and reproduced at any size

Paper Samples

Visit our studio to see paper examples and set-up. 

Dallas Prints has been providing printing and scanning services for artists and  designers for the past 4 years. 

In 2021 the operation expanded and opened our sister studio in London, Raw Canvas - providing the same quality and services for the South East.

Trusted by the Finest

What We Offer

What We Offer 

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  • Giclée printing up to A0

  • Flatbed art scanning

  • Retouching, colour correction and image manipulation

  • Advice on quality, formatting and sizing

  • Advice on paper types, presentation and basics of marketing work

  • Hand finishing

Large paintings & artworks reproductions


  • Photography service for large paintings

  • Print original artwork at any size

I’ve built up good relationships with my clients and pride myself on our Google reviews. I put a lot of care and attention into each job - editing any imperfections (dust etc) colour correcting, amending sizes, formatting, hand-finishing, flagging up and solving quality issues BEFORE I hit that ‘print’ button so that customers are satisfied with final prints when they leave.

Please feel free to make an appointment if you’d like to visit the studio or call me if you need any details on the studio or your artwork.

Christopher Dallas

Dallas Prints Director


Our Services


Giclée Printing upto A0  

If you have a digital file of your artwork (Tiff or jpeg etc) you can upload it and we can print it at your specified size.


Need an Artwork Scanned?

If you have an original artwork that needs to be photographed or scanned, you can make an appointment and bring it along to the studio.

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